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On this site we summarize the most important details About our dolls. The blog is in German. Please use an online translator for reading our blog in your language, e.g. google translator.
You find here the most important informations about our dolls & clothes and how you can purchase little kra dolls.
If you have further questions us invite you to hello@daskleinekra-puppen.com.
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More photos about my work you can find on flickr , Instagram and our lovliest pins on Pinterest

Little kra

The dolls, which leave our studio, reflect our profund pleasure about the contruction process and the creation of a loving and loved companion for your child. We’re sure you and your children feel the love and care in our work.
We design our dolls for mindfulness playing with organic materials. For more examples you can visit flickr or Pinterest.
You can purchase the dolls in our Stores on Etsy and Dawanda.


My dolls are made and dressed in Waldorf tradition with a carefully emboidered face. I make an effort to give my dolls a character that enhaces the imagination of the child. Kra dolls are filled carefully with cleaned carded wool due to a harmonic weight and can be carried comfortably by your children.

You can pay via PayPal within 7 days. International shipping cost from Germany no more than 25€.
Our company daskleinekra dolls is based in Germany. The business language is german.
We speak english but our bills, general terms and conditions are written in german. If you have any questions about our business conditiones and general terms just write us a mail!

First Doll: Little Kr

This little cuddle doll are designed 2015 with a body from special smooth fabrics (velvet) and high quality swiss tricot fabric face. Starts with 52€/ 8inches, recommended for a child 3+
Big Little Kra 63€/ 11inches

8” Doll: The little Ones

DSCN2585A full-bodied doll that looks like an infant. And it’s exciting for older children. All Lil’ Ones are weighted with quarz. I recommended this dolls as “inner child” dolls for your soul. Starts with 95€, recommend for a child 4+

Classic doll

DSCN2380Classic waldorf doll, with a bum panel so they can sit very nicely. Created in different variations. Looks like an infant and sometimes like fairy tale figures etc. Recommended for a child 3+
30cm/13″ starts with 150€
40cm/16″ starts with 165€
50cm/20″ starts with 180€
extra weight: + 21 €
ears: + 16 €
dimples (arms and legs): + 10 €

Baby Doll

DSCN1077Baby doll with pampers and little bottom & sweet belly button. They look like a real baby for little doll moms. All baby dolls are weighed with granulate. Recommended for a child 3+

30cm/13″ starts with 150€
40cm/16″ starts with 185€
50cm/20″ starts with 220€

DSCN2234extra weight: + 21 €
ears: + 16 €
dimples (arms and legs): + 10 €